Gotham - Detective James Gordon by Gary Frank, colours by Rod Reis *

Check out this exclusive look at the first in a series Gotham character images by renowned comic artist Gary Frank, leading up to the show's premiere.

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Gotham Oswald Cobblepot "The Good, The Evil, The Beginning" Poster 8 x 10 Photo

Gotham City Mugshots: Two-Face by pinkhavok on deviantART. Two-Face is my favourite Batman villain and this fan art is a BADASS depiction!

Gotham TV show Bruce Wayne by Daniel Murray

Gotham - Young Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle, and Ivy Pepper by Daniel Scott Gabriel Murray *

Butch Gotham, Butches, To The

Con ganas de #Gotham ...

Poison Ivy / The Penguin / Catwoman / Fish Mooney / Riddler