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hahaha I love this! Only I'm jealous because I miss having a bathtub. (damn standup showers..)

im thankful for a bath because some other homeless people cant take a bath


Three-month-old polar bear cub Anori took some time Sunday to familiarize herself with her new digs at Germany’s…



It was cute when you were 6 months old…

Oh it’s on!

"It was cute when I was 6 months old." - My boy, Oddball does the same thing is his mama.

A handful of fluf-Ragdolls

Hero Cat Alert To Owner Saving Family From Burning Home

Pretty kitty

White lions make Toronto Zoo debut

Officials at the Toronto Zoo hope a pair of white lion cubs who made their debut on Friday will eventually be part of a breeding program.

Charlie The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

See more Top 10 Cheapest Dog Breeds - Wirehand Pointing Griffon is a small sized dog breed.Wirehand Pointing Griffon were developed as hunting and gundogs.They are considered hypoallergenic and are the cheapest among all dog breeds.

"Duck" by Stefano Ronchi

Love this: self taught photog who uses her rescue dogs :)                      Expressive Dog Portraits by Elke Vogelsang

Expressive Dog Portraits by Elke Vogelsang

Photographer Elke Vogelsang turned her love of dogs into beautiful photography in her series, "Nice Nosing You'.