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Cat speak

Cat speak

Hahaha love this

One direction songs American style. I laughed pretty hard

You'll be surprised how many people have had the exact same thoughts.

Sometimes you just have to ignore what it tells you to do:

You'll be surprised how many people have had the exact same thoughts.

Tumblr is falling apart

I'm the person that spoke in half English honestly

All the time. Mom thinks I'm crazy, but, nah, I'm only saying hilarious things out loud and then I laugh and I just stare at the  mirror saying "I am soooo funny... oh, now, look, I'm talking alone... " But I got used to it.

*entire fangirl population slowly raises hand* I do this at the movies a lot and people yell and throw popcorn at me. it's normal, ok!

OMG, if I can produce a son who would do this, I win everything

When this hero called out ridiculous dress codes. Equal rights, double standards, equality, feminism, feminists standing up for women.

Oujia boards are call centres

This is why they made a shitty movie about us 😂

21 Times Tumblr Users Reported Back From the Real World

how tf do you accidentally kiss someone like tf xD it was like the hardest thing ive ever done

Boys, this is how you should talk while playing video games. Female gamers hate douchbags.

Brother plays Xbox with his friends<<< As a gamer girl, LGBT+ supporter, and feminist, I say that someone needs to give this boy an award.

That's crazy!

In fact Martin Luther King Jr was born before Anne Frank. And then we have Nelson Mandela who was born over ten years before the two of them.

“a dead ass fucker in the ground”

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take the rock clean funny

take the rock clean funny

"Mature" people: HA LAWL UR SOOO BABYISH LAAAWL Me: Sighs, in quiet memory of Littlefoot's mom.

The truth

I learn more from kid movies than adult movies. Because adult movies are purely entertainment while kid movies have an educational basis, and they help children grow and see ideas from new perspectives.

The injustice tho. No one cares when dudes take their shirts off do they? No. Because girls aren't distracted. We RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE

But seriously. I don't think my clothes should have to be based on wether or not they distract guys.>> some schools ban leggings, like ?


is the lord of the flies version - but I love the book the Lord of the Flies.