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so im strong ? i don't know what to do i want to.cut but i promess that im.not.going to do it again i just go.to the school fake a smike go home and start all again

Pretending to be happy when you're in pain is just an example of how strong you are as a person. (Whether it is physical pain or psychological pain.

Do what it takes to be the best you can be.

Exactly what is mixed martial arts? Mixed martial arts stands for mixed martial arts. Blended martial arts is the blending of 2 or more battling systems.

Bye, bye, comfort zone! http://thestir.cafemom.com/healthy_living/172409/13_motivational_quotes_to_turn?utm_medium=smutm_source=pinterestutm_content=thestir

Leaving our Comfort Zone is a MUST if we want to experience the life we dream of! Read about my journey & how i stepped out of my comfort zone!

Best 30 Quotes about strength #brave

Top 30 Quotes about Strength you should always remember

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If YOU, Treasure do not push yourself for better, NO! one will, they will watch you fall and laugh and trip you as you try to get back up. Your a M-Y-L-E-S, you can get up with grace and brush yourself and stand UP with diginty and move forward!

42 simple habits to make your life better.

42 Simple Habits to Make Yourself Better: even if I don't do every single one of these, it's an amazing list and really helps me find a good place to start becoming a better person. Project Improve My Life is officially underway.

Acid smiles.

Japanese Martial Art Ninjutsu 忍術 Black white :D be a ninja

A quote from #BruceLee "The more relaxed the muscles are, the more energy can #Flow through the body. Using muscular tensions to try to 'do' the punch or attempting to use the brute force to knock someone over will only work to opposite effect." #Relaxation

The Neurochemistry or Neuroscience of Flow State can perfect your sport and help you achieve a top level performance on your sports career.