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Little Sister Protector

Little Sister Protector

BioShock T-Shirt by Alberto Bernabé aka Alundrart. "Little Sister Protector" is a retro-style t-shirt design for fans of retro-style video game, BioShock.

If Bioshock Infinite ever became a film, this would be my cast. What would yours be?

If Bioshock Infinite ever became a film. This would be my favorite movie! Although I'm sure we could find male/female acting twins.

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Coffee Science

Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock player will know

BioShock Infinite Players Will Know. Like, really Elizabeth? The ending I couldn't handle though, I fell in love with Booker and I couldn't accept what happened :p

Cohen doodles by ~MadLittleClown on deviantART

some quick evening sketches - lots of Sander Cohen (Bioshock) .dat twisted old fruit with his smooth voice ♫ [link] ♫ Cohen doodles

The Lutece Twins

Bioshock infinite Love this conversation between those twins! Epic design for this dialogue!


Bioshock bleach t-shirt --- The best game ever played. "A man chooses; a slave obeys." I love this quote from Bioshock and this art work is epic!

Booker Cats! by ~AmberAndrews on deviantART. I don't fully understand. But I don't care. :p

i didn't think about pixel size haha ^^ however, these are booker and elizabeth from bioshock infinit.