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My version of a workout buddy is someone who tells me I look so good I don't need to work out.

Women first began to work out with weights. Two cheerful ladies work out in their street clothes in a photograph c. 1910 by Willis T.

Mr Bird!

Animals and people mixed. This gives the bird a sophisticated look with the tea cup and long jacket. The bird looks bright against the faded background and its beak looks like the main stand-out colour among the cooler colours.


Russian poster - body parts are as intricate as machinery - depicted through comparison of camera lens to the human eye - suggests Creation


Negative space LESSON Objective- combining tessellations with photography using technology such as Photoshop. Intro to cropping; (optional: consider actually printing/cutting the tessellations to create a puzzle.

everybody has a little bit of naughty!

Shalom Harlow as sexy Disney princess snow white photographed by Francois Nars

Untitled By kolej parada via Flickr

"Overthinking" This is pretty much what overthinking feels like. The world around disappears and you become focused on what's going on in your brain.

maria aparicio | To receive physical media items from artists like this one, click here http://quarterly.co/contributors/brandon-long

Design Inspiration // Maria Aparicio… and friends. All of these pieces are collaborations with various photographers. They supply the stunning images, and she supplies the embroidery.


Activation by Glass Planet. Surrealist illustration with cosmic moving pattern.

DECONSTRUCTION - Stefano Colombini

Hey Fashionista, do you want to have the most stylish hairstyle ever? And the holidays are coming so I present you 14 Amazing Front Bun Hairdo that you can

Somebody is happier with less than you have

Shit could be worse. Ain't it true, ain't it true ( appropriate time to use the word ain't.