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Who's going to the AutoRama? We'll be there with the 37 Ford. We're located in front of the Painters Supply Booth towards the rear of the hall.

Different cartoon characters becoming the Doctor's companion. <3  I would totally ship Belle becoming a companion not only because she's my favorite Disney princess, but also because she has the greatest weapon of all time...books...in a huge library!

Illustrations of Disney Princesses Meeting the Doctor in the TARDIS

"Oh my doctor who & disney princess'!" Yup cause Jack Skellington is a Disney princess and I'm fairly certain little red isn't a Disney princess either.<<< NMBC Jack is a princess. The doctor is a princess. Everyone is a princess.

Dr Who / Doctor Who "My Other Ride Is A Tardis" Vinyl Decal - Car. $5.00, via Etsy.

Dr Who / Doctor Who My Other Ride Is A Tardis by StickersForStuff on etsy

My Other Ride is a TARDIS: Dr. Who vinyl car window decal, bumper sticker. $12.00, via Etsy.

My Other Ride is a TARDIS: Dr. Who vinyl car window decal, bumper sticker

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/176315922/my-other-ride-is-the-tardis-keychain

Inspired by Dr Who, this aluminum keychain is stamped with my other ride is the TARDIS. The perfect gift for your favorite Whovian!

Dr. Who Ride-in Dalek Is The Perfect Kids’ Gift If You Like Getting Asked What A Dalek Is

Ride-In Dalek - Force your Dr. Who fandom upon your children with the Ride-In Dalek. The Ride-In Dalek is modeled after the famous robot mutants from the British s.

Harry potter, doctor who, sherlock, supernatural, merlin, lord of the rings, maximum ride, divergent.... I will use all of these!

Harry potter Doctor Who Divergent Hunger Games Percy Jackson Sherlock Star Wars Lord of the Rings

44 Ultimate Disney Mashups You Need In Your Life

Big Bad Wolf by Karen Hallion - so basically you can get Dr. Who/fairytale items (iphone cases, shirts, prints, etc.) on this website. I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw the Little Red Riding Hood/TARDIS picture.

I love that Matt Smith is leaning on the new Astin Martin Vanquish. It makes me love The Doctor so much more that he has good taste in cars :)

Matt Smith Snaps

If someone was trying to get me to buy a car putting Matt Smith on it would be the way to do it.

This item is NOT guaranteed for delivery before HALLOWEEN.  ***as featured on the official Dr. who Tumblr page***  Our Dr. Who inspired saddle

Tardis inspired Embroidered galaxy saddle pad

Tardis inspired Embroidered galaxy saddle by ThePaintedPonyTack

"I like how 11 is the first one who thought to give his (human/fragile) companion a helmet." #doctorwho

"That's the Eleventh Motorcycle We've Seen Tonight!"

The Doctor loves motorbikes! << and pretty girls to ride with him

My Other Car is a Tardis Car Sticker by KellyCreationDecals, $13.50. Need this.

My Other Car is a Tardis Car Sticker

Growing up I realised car window stickers are not just cheap souvenirs of places, but a badge of honour! But check out these unusual car decals and stickers

Dr. who Disney crossover fan art

I saw a blurry lo-res post of these, enjoy the pixels from the artists facebook

Pinning for original caption. who Disney crossover fan art" apparently little red riding hood is Disney now.