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Сакура Харуно|Sakura Haruno+Сарада Учиха

Сакура Харуно|Sakura Haruno+Сарада Учиха

Technically, now that he's not completely dead anymore, it could happen... And this makes room for Hinata!

Kakashi seems sooooo not surprised, Well, she'll dump Dei and be with Kakashi in no time, just wait.I'm KAKASAKU FAN but DeiSaku seems good too. Apparently, Sakura is paired with every living thing.

“Which one do you ship the most?? ★SasuSaku★ItaSaku★MadaSaku★IndraSaku★DeiSaku★SasoSaku★KakaSaku★ : : Me?? ♡SASUSAKU OFC♡”

★SasuSaku★ItaSaku★MadaSaku★IndraSaku★DeiSaku★SasoSaku★KakaSaku★ : : Me: :No clue

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Haha :)) Deidara in Sakura's clothes ♥♥♥ So sexy ♥