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“She was filled with a darkness he wanted to break, he tried harder than he should’ve and broke more than he was supposed to. A broken soul with a broken smile she became. She looked at him and said ‘Now here are the cracks, so where’s the light?’ And the boy who thought he had an answer for everything had nothing to say.” — VàZaki Nada

Last night I dreamed of something waiting for me beneath the Dark Waters. something with long, sharp teeth.

Mist...Mother Earth curtain, behind which she saves the magic for another day.

4 days til halloween. haunting your life!s if the sun ever comes out again i will take a picture of my settee and post it.

ART & ARTISTS: John Atkinson Grimshaw

poboh: “ Figure in the Moonlight, John Atkinson Grimshaw. English (Note: Grimshaw was influenced by Pre-Raphaelite painters and this oil on canvas is in a private collection. – Shades and.

When the Moon Rises: the spell has begun...

I love Art ,Horror and other nice things. All the Pictures that I post do not belong to me!

Shrouded in fog and darkness the walls loom over the forest.

*turns around quickly and throws my dagger in the forehead of a demon* piper remember you gave me two black flowers things tick me off easier now and now we have to fight again *grabs my sword and gets ready for a flood*