Explore British People, Guns, and more!

The Doctor can usually argue his way around guns with British people. He forgot he's dealing with Americans. Americans will always try, even if given absolute proof that they can't do anything

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Captain Jack Harkness everybody! Me and my BFF always say STOP IT! like 10 in everyday conversations<< jack harkness will flirt with literally everybody and everything

RORY SHE'S HAVING AN EMOTION This sounds like something Cas would say

I realize the Amy/Doctor relationship was much stronger and important to the show, but the Doctor and Rory had their own, non-Amy-involved relationship, too! Rory scenes are always my favorite of

The Doctor is Santa!

The Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler headcanon accepted. The red bike when Rose was twelve

She doesn't say he isn't one.  <<< because she knows he's a madman with a box

"I absolutely trust him" I love how she doesn't answer the madman question! Because she knows that he is indeed a madman, but she trusts him non the less!

Head canon accepted.

Give the Doctor a hand- OMG the five minutes from the christmas special!<--:O<---so, the Tenth Doctor is Eleven's outer voice of reason

<Headcanon> I've heard the first part before, but that second part... Yes. Just yes.

Not to mention "Father Christmas isn't real. Red bike when you were ten?" What if he missed her so much already that he visited her through her timeline, just to keep tabs? Maybe even to figure out the best way for her to say "yes.

I'm curious what the Cyberman is looking at.

I'm curious what the Cyberman is looking at.

Rose rose rose rose rose, Well you just broke my heart. « and then there's ten who's just like "my rose.


The internet will always have proof of the day the Doctor checked out Sherlock. (Both Karen and Benedict are gorgeous. Can't say I blame him/them!