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Pin for Later: 41 Things That Prove Tech in the '90s Was Bomb.com Secret Sender Source: Instagram user wendy4816

Secret Sender

People who didn't have computers used this to IM each other in the

And 'mobile phones' were called 'pagers'. No apps on this thing.

Motorola Ad from when beepers were new must have technology. And if you owned one in high school, adults thought you were a drug dealer. I had this beeper in lime green.

I always wore a seatbelt, but I got to sit in the front seat for as long as I can remember! No such thing as car seats past toddlerhood.

Didn't watch Martin though. And the cars had seat belts when I was growing up.we just didn't wear them

I had this exact one!!

I had a Nano Puppy (mine was green instead of fuschia). I took very good care of it, and it lived a long time (in Nano Pet years).

strechy shirts

Ridiculous (and Nostalgic!) 90s Fashion Trends

#1 was the best!

Slap bracelets, caboodle, tamagotchis, the boxcar children? Being a kid was pretty awesome :)

Had beauty and the beast game

A couple of the best things from being a little girl in the The Beauty&The Beast game and The Little Mermaid game were my favorite car ride time killers. I kinda still miss those things!

Rave hairspray. It'll make most of your hair fall out but what's left will never move

Rave hair spray Remember rule number one of the The higher your hair, the higher your popularity. And to get that sky-high style—and status—we loaded up on Rave hair spray (when we weren't loading up on Aussie, that is).