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Life is about change....

Everything changes. The only thing that will never change is my passion for the gym.

People inspire you  or they drain you  -pick them wisely

People inspire you or they drain you, pick them wisely. Sometimes you have to let go of the ones that drain your energy, or spirit, or your happiness.

I am in the perfect place to do all of it. :) Finally. <3

Quotes: I just want to travel, get paid for doing something I love, be around genuine people and find new ways to love the same man over and over.

So many blessings. Dale Carnegie #quote

❥ "I’ve found that worry and irritation vanish into thin air the moment I open my mind to the many blessings I possess.so many blessings!


Stay positive - These inspirational quotes about friendship, love, life and cake are just what you need to get through the week. The beautiful pictures are sure to make you smile too.

love the hand writing, and the sayng.

Save me 'cause I can never float sinking; amaze me and I would be there holding on for life.so save me"- "Save" The Rocket Summer

Pretty much.. guess we will c what happens

Quotes about Fake Friends and Family who use you in your life. Funny, good, sarcastic, short, famous pictures of quotes about fake friends and real friends.

20 Quotes For When You Feel Like You Just Need To Get Away From It All

20 Quotes For When You Feel Like You Just Need To Get Away From It All

Like my constant and nagging sense to get in my car and drive and drive sometimes with no direction to think of but with a hope that I'll end up somewhere that will enrich me.