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"Never Kill A Client": Good advice for everyone. (A Mike Shayne vintage mystery paperback original by Brett Halliday, with cover art by Robert McGinnis)

The Way Up (Original Title: The Angers Of Spring)

The Way Up, by Joseph Whitehill Dell 1960 Cover art by Tom Miller Original Title: The Angers of Spring

"Satan was a Lesbian" | Vintage Pulp Fiction Paperback Book Cover Art....Well, he does do that thing with his tongue. :)

12 Insane Queer Pulp Novel Covers

Satan Was A Lesbian Vintage Pulp Novel Cover Retro Art Poster-

James_O_Cause - "Killer Take All!" | Vintage Pulp Fiction Paperback Book Cover…

Killer Take All novel by James O. Causey pulp cover art woman pistol gun danger cigarette lighter R

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Why was this not discussed on career day?

Ted Mark, i just like the title. what exactly qualifies as a "teeny-bopper"?

40 Hilarious Vintage STD Propaganda Posters from World War II

Vintage Condom Ad "I take one everywhere I take my penis!" No motor oil or sandpaper while using condoms.

"Fortunately, ma'am, I'm a chiropractor and I can straighten you out! I can straighten this whole CITY out!"

Robert Kyle - The Crooked City Dell First Edition 1954 Cover art by Verne Tossey

I'm the king of the castle Susan Hill

I'm the king of the castle Susan Hill

Amazing Vintage Sci-Fi Magazine and Book Cover Art | by modern_fred

scificovers: “Ace Double Space Captain by Murray Leinster, Cover attributed to Gray Morrow.