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Your heart=mind Guard it and do not let what is a lie become truth. If they call you pimps, whores, and thieves, then you call yourself these names. Then they have done their job.

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Armor Of God Wood Sign

This fabulous scripture art sign says it all! These are hand painted, heavily sanded and made from new wood right here in the heartland of America, then the vinyl wording and top seal coat is applied

The heart is the strongest muscle

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. What is in our hearts comes out through our words and actions. We must guard our hearts from evil so that we can abstain from doing evil.

Your actions towards resolution however.

spiritualinspiration: “ Our mistakes, our failures, our poor choices don’t have to keep us from our God-given destiny. With God, it’s not about the way you start in life, it’s about the way you.

Ameeeeen Ameeeeeen & Ameeeeen✋✋✋

What God knows about me is the ONLY thing that's important. what others think about me does not matter.

Faith or fear

Always have faith. If we allow our minds to live in those deep dark place where our fear resides.just have faith,

Bijbel vers kunst - de vreugde van de heer is mijn kracht - van Nehemia 8:10. ________________________________________________________  Dit kunstwerk is een INSTANT DOWNLOAD. U ontvangt de digitale bestanden af te drukken op uw eigen.  AFDRUKBARE MATEN OPGENOMEN Ontvangt u een hoge resolutie PDF en JPG-bestanden van de volgende formaten, die voor de meeste maten tot een 20 x 24 VS print of internationale A1 werken zal afdrukken.  -5 X 7 -8 x 10 -11 x 14 -16 X 20  -A3 -A4  Als u deze…

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Planning for 2017? Let's start with 31 daily prayers for the future. Read day 28 of the month long prayer challenge.

To the girl preparing for 2017: Daily Prayers for next year day 28

Prayer Day 28 Father, “Today, with only 3 days left of we thank you for everyday that we were able to live for you this past year. We praise you for the accomplishments that happened to us, the.

Jeremiah 29:11 I need to get this tattooed across my forehead, maybe then I'll remember this is happening in my life.. so quickly I worry

Jeremiah 29:11 - Print & Canvas

Why are you striving if you are already complete in Him? Stop striving and start being. Live life in grace. Colossians 2:10

No man/woman can complete you. Only in Jesus is one complete. Let Jesus be your everything and not a man/woman.