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grandchildren sayings and quotes | 11592 What happens at Nana's Stays at Nana"s

What happens at Nana's Stays at Nana"s love you to the moon and back Liam& baby girl C

Wonderful grandparents. So funny :)

My Grandmas Crazy funny quotes quote family quotes lol funny quote funny quotes humor(what my kids will say)

So true

SO TRUE! Your First Breath Took Ours Away printable quote for nursery. Going on the wall in Grandparents house spare room.for our kids and grandchild(ren)

They forgot Goodbye Butterfly!

See you later alligator, After a while crocodile, Be sweet parakeet, Give a hug ladybug . First time I've seen the whole thing.

Yes!  When they are little, we want them to act the age we think they should act.  When they grow up, we long for the days when they were little.  If we're not careful, we teach them that who they are and what makes them unique is wrong. Let an energetic child be an energetic child with no medication necessary.  It is normal that they need to move.  Let children who need to talk, talk.  It's normal.  Sometimes we expect more of them than we do of ourselves, and we wonder why they act out.

This is so true, Only so small for so long. My baby has grown up way too fast . He is the most perfect 6 year old little boy, I'm very blessed to be his mommy and I'm very thankful to have him in my life everyday!

so true ....each day they each grow more special and each day I love them more

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The littlest feet make the biggest footprints in our hearts.

Pooner Baby Aiden, grandma Nanie remembers your first cry and the first time I kissed your little feet and since you have had my heart.I love you Pooner Aiden.