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Sir David Attenborough. Inspirational, intelligent, gentle, insightful, thought-provoking. a man of great purpose. A true guardian of the environment.

Sir David Attenborough- a naturalist and documentary filmmaker. An inspirational, intelligent, gentle, insightful, thought-provoking gentleman. A national treasure and a man of great purpose. A true guardian of the environment.

Bestest Friends giclee print - grahamfrancoise

Best Friends Ink and acrylic on coffee stained paper artist: Graham Franciose "thats fran-chose, not fran-swah folks", as he mentions on his website

Diana Sudyka

Diana Sudyka's bear under a mountain - Animalarium: Sunday Safari - Night Life

@Carina Hernandez @gracie cunningham @Anna Akos When we were finishing the science review cards......HAHAHAHAHAH US YELLING AT PEOPLE AND GET IN TROUBLE BY MR.B!

Funny pictures about Bad feelings. Oh, and cool pics about Bad feelings. Also, Bad feelings.

The Flūther Transversion is the process by which one experiences an awakening to the reality of animal suffering and embraces animal rights. - This article is amazing and talks about the transformation most people encounter, when becoming vegan. Also, the omnivore bingo is awesome!

Ego vs Eco I like the way this picture represent how humans tend to view their stance in the environment vs. How nature should work.