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ha i love this tattoo

"You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince." I would get this tattoo with a frog close to it/behind it, somehow.


Love foot tattoos~too scared to get one tho

Me and her both....and I love Ferry Corsten!

I love tattoos like this! They are so simple, but the font is absolutely beautiful!

strength. i want this tattoo.

Love this writing style.i want this tattoo on my left shoulder blade :)

“You have the type of beauty that time can’t change.”Words from someone who inspires me and encourages me all the time.I decided to get it in this spot because people usually put their hand on your shoulder when you’re having a rough time. Its like her hand (words) on my shoulder even when she’s not around or when I feel self conscious.(NEEDLE PUSHERS done by FRANKIE)

I love quote tats. "You have the type of beauty that time can't change.

Antlers by Tritoan Ly

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Deer antlers with rose and honeysuckle as the flowers instead. I think I found my next tattoo!

i like the words

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The sun is always rising in the sky somewhere. Maybe I will do this quote down my foot and condense it to "The sun is always rising somewhere"

<3 always @Jessy ☆

if i got a tattoo this is what it would say. its a family thing that is generational and it will ALWAYS be the most important word in my life Just like a tatoo.

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She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future proverbs I LOVE this.clothed in strength and dignity, no fear of ailing youth, beauty, etc.

X files Tattoo, its the last line spoken (by Mulder) in the final scene of The X-Files series finale.

maybe there’s hope!

Inspiring picture cute, fearless, love, tattoo. Resolution: 500x305 px. Find the picture to your taste!

Fearless Tattoo on the back on the neck.

don't worry be happy tattoo - Google Search

don't worry, be happy.

Absolutely lovely peacock feather centerpieces!  From a Shades of Green wedding at Disney World, FL

"Slow down, you crazy child" - lyrics from the song I've told my mother SHOULD be my theme song, "Vienna" by Billy Joel

Dandelion turning into bird. Flying free. In memorial of loved ones lost.

Tatuagem do divórcio cria uma tribo planetária

i LOVE dandelions. im getting a dandelion tattoo someday.

Infinity tattoo, want on my foot

Life goes on. My quote my motto my everything. this tattoo but I want it turned so when I look at it I see it perfectly right side up

Maybe I'll get one like this with our wedding date, but in a different place though...

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