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old school halloween costumes ... when your face would sweat inside the mask and the little elastic band would snap

old school halloween costumes! Ryan and I were Cabbage Patch Kids one year, complete with plastic tie on outfits and creepy masks :)


This is the complete 1968 Vintage Fisher Price Little People Play Family Farm Complete with all of the animals, accessories and the original box.

Does this look familiar Jami!!!  My brother had one like this when he was a child and my mom still has it.

81 Fun Questions to ask your significant other! These are really fun for in the car when you run out of things to talk about.

Ken afeitado mágico

Buying Choices: Barbie Shaving Fun KEN Doll w "Magic" Color Change Beard & Accessories

20 Great '90s Board Games You (Probably) Don't Remember | Complex CA

20 Great '90s Board Games You (Probably) Don't Remember

Childhood Memory Keeper: Retro Pop Culture from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s: Fisher-Price Play Family Farm

Play Family Farm was released in 1968 by Fisher-Price. The big red barn and silo held an array of large-scale farm figures and equipment.

lollll had these

McNugget toys from the McDonalds Happy Meal I had these as a kid!

I think were alone now  doesn't seem to be anyone around

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Vintage toy Service Center

I know this was marketed towards boys but I remember getting it when I was little. We loved Hot Wheels!

old school toy camera.pretty sure there is one of these in my parents basement right now.

Vintage 1980s RUSS Puffy Googly Eye Stickers via Etsy

Vintage 1980's RUSS Puffy Googly Eye Stickers

Vintage RUSS Puffy Googly Eye Stickers via Etsy. These were my favorite stickers! I have to go and find my sticker book now.


I miss my hit clips!--In an age before players, HitClips were the hottest way to play portable music. They didn't even play entire songs, but we still loved them anyway.

I had this but forgot all about it until I saw it on pinterest!

Fisher Price House --- I think my mom still has this! I loved the real doorbell --