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The American Dream Is Killing Us – The Mission – Medium

The American Dream Is Killing Us – The Mission – Medium

Houston Temporary Structures for the Homeless - Industrial Tent Systems

homeless women street | Homeless Woman And Cats With Sign Asking For Spare Change On Hyde ...

Stock Photo - homeless woman and cats with sign asking for spare change on hyde street fisherman's wharf

In spite of initiatives since the 1990s, chronic homelessness is accelerating. In 2010, on any one night 1,768 people were sleeping rough across England (higher than Scotland and Wales). In 2015, the figure had reached 3,569 – a 102% increase.

Scared, lonely, invisible; hunt is on to find hidden army of homeless women

Nimbyism, at its worst. Right-wingers just care for themselves. Worthing Council is set to fine homeless people if they beg for money in the street, using controversial legislation introduced in

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STEVE DOUGHTY: Gifts, transport tickets, furniture and other special help worth up to each on top of ordinary benefits were made available to street sleepers to persuade them to live conventionally.

Homelessness is on the rise in cities across the country, although there are many aspects of it that are changing. Field workers and homeless advocates have had to switch gears to accommodate the new and evolving needs of the homeless. Here are 7 things you think about homeless people that are not actually true:

7 Myths About Homeless People Debunked

About Homeless People Debunked We can ALL help the homeless and their pets ! -a gym membership and electronic device for wifi can really help a homeless person.

How an online shop helps homeless dogs | A homeless man sits with his dog

How an online shop helps homeless dogs

How an online shop helps homeless dogs | A homeless man sits with his dog

When people are evicted they fall into poverty many times . They usually get evicted because they didn't have enough money to pay for there rent . If they work and don't get payed enough that's out of there hands .

homeless mom

- Up to half of homeless women and children are victims of domestic violence. Robbed of their own financial and emotional resources, women with violent partners sometimes must choose between being abused at home and becoming homeless.

Homelessness "America's Biggest Challenge to Solve"  A http://Pinvoice.org Challenge.  #PinVoice1

Carry Travel-Sized Care Kits in Our Vehicles for Homeless People We Drive Past

One Thing is Necessary

One Thing is Necessary

Drug, alcohol, & tobacco use by teens

New stats on drug, alcohol and tobacco use by teens

Being homeless is illegal in so many cities that you can't legally sleep anywhere at night.  Yet, the cities refuse to provide adequate shelter.  If it weren't for charities, nothing would be done.  I know a man who brings his RV every Saturday to a church so that the 40 plus homeless folks in the area can take a shower and get new socks and underwear.  God Bless Frank.

Why do we call them "homeless" people? People don't refer to me as a "house" person and we don't call people "condo" or "apartment" people. We focus so much I'm the "homeless" part that we forget the "people" part. Passing By the homeless without a care.


(SEPTEMBER 11 RETROSPECTIVE) A firefighter breaks down after the World Trade Center buildings collapsed September 2001 after two hijacked airplanes slammed into the twin towers in a terrorist attack.

You can't say I didn't warn you.

12 Things A Sagittarius Will Do To Make Your Relationship Unforgettable

You can't say I didn't warn you.