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Change life

Someone I love recognized me in this very smart Coco Chanel quote. Maybe we all know a woman about to cut her hair, on the verge of affirming change.

Life on both farms this summer is going to be awesome! Hit days in the sun and late nights under the stars!

Top 30 Summer Quotes Sunshine

Summer Hair gets lighter. Skin gets darker. Water gets warmer. Music gets louder. Life gets better.

And right now it came out toooo dark....shit...color correct!! Ugh!!!

My mood depends on how good my hair looks: Luckily, I'm ALWAYS in a good mood LOL

Have fun with your hair!  Exactly why mine changes color every 5 minutes!

Alice Through the Looking Glass Eyeshadow Palette from Urban Decay

There's nothing a glass of wine and a flat iron can't fix. #hairstylist #quotes

There's nothing a glass of wine and a flat iron can't fix. Heather gave me a wine glass with this on it.

Let's save boring for when we're dead! Until then let's keep the party going!!

Top 30 Best Daily Short Quotes

Life is too short to have boring hair. So true - I need to make mine more interesting.

#beauty #quotes

Hair Quotes: Motivation for a Good Hair Day Every Day