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Terracotta comic theatre mask, 4th/3rd century BC (Stoa of Attalus, Athens)

ANCIENT GREEK THEATRE: Theatre mask, dating from the century BC. Masked with eye and mouth opens were used for theatre and ones without were for decoration only.

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KA - Greek Theater utilized lightweight masks in their productions made from a variety of materials. Tragedies utilized more realistic masks but they also expressed a lot of emotions. The masks allowed actors to play multiple roles, both male and female characters since all actors were male.

Tragedy Maks wereused in Theatre to show emotion from a distance because the Theatre was so large, and during the Classical Age most plays were Tragedies filled with death and mourning.


Visually Greek masks had very small openings for the eyes and mouth to allow the mask to "melt" into the actor's face. This added to the illusion of the play and allowed the audience to be immersed into the story.

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Greek theater is a tradition that flourished in ancient Greece in the city state of Athens around BC. Athenian tragedy, comedy, and .