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Science Bros Ask 38 by ecokitty.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Science Bros Ask 38 by ecokitty on deviantART - Tony and Bruce take the ice bucket challenge lolol

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Reasons Hawkeye wasn't in Captain America the Winter Soldier. If you didn't watch Captain America The Winter Soilder then you wont get this.

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funny-Thor-Loki-hammer-Nokia lol I love how pikachu is tied to the end of Loki's

They can actually be besties

Funny pictures about Loki vs. Oh, and cool pics about Loki vs. Also, Loki vs.

XD his face at the end.. priceless.

I asked my brother last night if it would be possible to jump from a trampoline into the top bunk of a bunk bed. He said nothing until I said, "Thor can." His reaction?" lol My mom is letting the Avengers influence us WAAAY too much.

I don't know if he should post this, but he should definitely look at this and melt in this cuteness xD

Thorki :'

Cutest thing ever < Thor will always be the first to get a free Loki hug.

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How Tony Stark's Arc reactor was created for the Iron man and Avengers movies -- cameo by Robert Downey Jr.

Loki!!!!!!!!!!! Your bro will help you :*)

no matter what you do or how bad things get I will always be there to help you up and to take you home for you are my brother and my best friend and I don't know how I would continue without you - Thor and Loki

Pinning this because it's cute and also because Bruce's shirt has a flower on it :))

-Science Bros Ask 36 (Cap 2 Spoilers) by ecokitty- Aaaaaawwwwwwww!

this is what should have happened in the dark world. thor should've known better

For a brief period I thought the newest Thor movie would come out the same weekend as Luckily it's the weekend after. Thor: The Dark World

I love this AU sm

I love this AU sm