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Palin’s Prescription for Tossing Word Salad - YouTube

I loved seeing Sarah Palin promote her drunken speech on her new entertainment Channel website, and I would like to thank my

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37 Funny Puns That Are So Bad They're Simply Hilarious

A well groomed dog is a well loved dog! Call us today to schedule your dog grooming appointment

Awkward Moment On Wheel Of Fortune

Awkward Moment On Wheel Of Fortune

Most Awkward Wheel Of Fortune Moment Ever, I can't Believe what this guy said! so horrible!

Image result for Omg I thought Bush was an asshat but at least you could laugh at him.

Quote George W Bush "There is NEVER Freedom without JUSTICE, and there is NEVER Justice without a Fight. Thank God for our Brave Heroes who protect us while we sleep.

Gummy bear madness!  this just made me laugh so hard.

Funny pictures about Gummi Bear Surgery. Oh, and cool pics about Gummi Bear Surgery. Also, Gummi Bear Surgery photos.

What the hell does it say about our country that we as people elected this fucktard to RUN OUR COUNTRY!!! As Governor of Texas, he was awesome... Because the biggest power he had was denying clemency to death row inmates. And even then, it was only because he didn't know what clemency meant and he couldn't spell it to look it up.

Bigger Fatter Politics: Stuff Republicans Say: You Can't Make this Stuff Up!

How could anyone say it's "just" a dog?                              …

How could anyone say it's "just" a dog? They're beings, not ITS! This goes for ALL animals, who should all be respected and treated with dignity.

'Hraka Happens' by ~SpicyHamster (http://spicyhamster.deviantart.com)

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