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Think different: use edible marijuana! Love to smoke or vape marijuana, but can't in public? Make your own delicious Dragon Teeth mints or Cannabis chocolates; small candies you can take and use anytime, any place! MARIJUANA - Guide to Buying, Growing, Harvesting, and Making Medical Marijuana Oil and Delicious Candies to Treat Pain and Ailments by Mary Bendis, Second Edition. Just $2.99 for great e-book! muzzymemo.com

is Radio, rediscovered - iBlaze () by spacecadets in spacecamp

Genius I say, just Genius.

Genius is 1 percent inspiration 99 percent coffee! Come to Bagels and Bites Cafe…

I showed this to my hubby and he said "that's literally you" hahahaha

If I was coffee, you could drink me into your heart. I would make your heart pound heavily,and give you a spring in your step,you could see a day as a fresh start and enjoy every sunrise and sunset.

The Enchanted Home

"Even though you have learned every business tactics in college then to running your own business. Never doubt your instincts! If your instincts telling you NOT to then don't trust merger or business deal contract!

Free Your Mind ...

The eyes are useless when the mind is blind. Open your mind, open your eyes.

my views exactly. there is not a religion for this - only reason and respect.

“We are all connected; To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe atomically.” - Neil deGrasse Tyson Love this sentiment and just about everything else this man says. Great poster too from a cool artist, Alley Lee.

Suburban Men

Morning Motivation (19 Photos)

I thought you would trust me enough to tell me what was on your mind. I will miss you in so many ways.

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We all have skills ... And many have skills .BIG skills but don't win .... It's passion that is the fuel for execution

what do you need to start a home business, how to start a business of your own, small business start - We all have skills . And many have skills .BIG skills but don't win . It's passion that is the fuel for execution

Your gut feeling is always rite.don't doubt it or try to convince yourself otherwise because you just don't want that feeling to be true.you'll save yourself a lot of time and pain because when all is said and done you'll know your instinct was rite.

I am who I am. I do what I want. Get off my back and deal with it. It's my life, not yours. Amen Life Rules here!