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Dangerous Pet - Amazing Pet Lion

awesomepeoplereading: “ Tippi Hedren reads with one of her lion friends. ” I want a lion to read with.

This brings a new meaning to ‘method acting’. Losing some weight for a role is one thing, but try sharing your house with a giant furry killing machine! In 1969 married acting couple Tippi Hedren and Noel Marshall were in Africa when they encountered a pride of lions living in an abandoned house. They were […]

This photo shoot of a family living with a lion could only be from the 70's

American future actress Melanie Griffith jumps into a swimming pool as her pet lion Neil grabs her leg and goes to bite her leg, Sherman Oaks, California, May

As if it were the most normal thing in the world. | These Photos Of A Teenage Melanie Griffith And Her Pet Lion In The 1970s Are Quite Something

These Photos Of A Teenage Melanie Griffith And Her Pet Lion In The 1970s Are Quite Something

vintage everyday: Incredible Photographs Capture Teenager Melanie Griffith and Her Family Hanging Out With Their 'Pet' Lion in 1971


Tippi Hedren in California, photographed by LIFE magazine during the early

Фотографии семьи, у которой дома жил лев

Some amazing pictures have surfaced of Melanie Griffith's childhood growing up with a pet lion.

Vintage Photo Postcard His Pet Lion Photography by dawnandross, $11.75

Vintage Photo Postcard "His Pet Lion", Photography, Paper Ephemera, Postcard, Old Photo, Collectibles - 0178

Meow the obese cat

this media darling's weight finally got the best of him. As reported earlier, Meow, a cat weighing a nearly unBELIEVable 39 pounds, was on his way to.

Oh, look, it's baby Loki predicting what he'd do to my work chair in the future ...

Image detail for -Crazy Cat - Animal Humor Photo - Fanpop fanclubs Another Buckshot-style kitty it's funny because you have this couch.

This series of intimate photographs of Neil the lion carries a chilling backstory that should remind us all that, no matter how much we might love them or feel close to them, we will never truly understand the mind of a wild animal.

This Family Lived With A Real Lion Back In 1971

In the actress and model Tippi Hedren (mother of actress Melanie Griffith) created the Shambala Preserve after producing the film Roar. The preserve rescued exotic big cats living in captivity that had been abused or were in need of help, .

leopon leopard lion

Top 10 (Plus) Hybrid Animals of the World

Leopon When a male leopard gets the guts to breed with a female lion, the result is a leopon. Extremely rare in the wild, this hybrid appears to have the mane of a lion but the body of a leopard.

Tippi Hedren's Lion

Tippi Hedren’s pet lion ‘Neil’ in the kitchen, 1971 Michael Rougier for LIFE Magazine.