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Tutsi man, 1923. "The Mohawk has often been worn to impress an adversary, to galvanize warriors in battle or to mark social status," writes ...

A Brief History Of Hair

Papua New Guinea, Highlands, Mount Hagen festival singsing © Eric Lafforgue

Photo taken by Eric Lafforgue Papua New Guinea , Highlands, Mount Hagen festival singsing

The Shilluk (Shilluk: Chollo) are a major Nilotic people of Southern Sudan, living on both banks of the river Nile, in the vicinity of the city of Malakal.

Native girl of the Shilluk tribe wearing decorative beaded head gearin the Sudd Region of the Upper Nile, Sudan. Location: Sudan Date taken: September 1947 Photographer: Eliot Elisofon

portrait of a maori man, polynesian cultural center, laie, hawaii | © art wolfe

Photo by Art Wolfe . Maori man, Australia/New Zealand. Maori tattoos are part of the culture of the indeigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand.

Dogon dancers, Mali

uncertaintimes: Gavin Hellier : Masked Ceremonial Dogon Dancers, Sangha, Dogon Country, Mali via

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A Nuba woman in Nyaro village, Kau, Nuba mountains, Sudan, 10 November by Rita Willaert from Belgium