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You should read "Headcannons" on #Wattpad. #fanfiction


Hetalia Nordic countries: Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, and Norway The Nordic five is my favorite Hetalia group tbh

#wattpad #random This is basically a collection of stuff in my daily life.  Since I'm pretty boring on the inter-web, I thought it'd be fun to show who I am in the real world.   Tho, I may seem loud an obnoxious, I'm really not. Well, I am loud, but not obnoxious. Most of the time, its the sugar talking.   And, I p...

When Boredom Hits - Hetalia Gifs - I'm Dying Inside

When Boredom Hits - Hetalia Gifs - I'm Dying Inside - Wattpad<< The amount of sass in this gif

"Modern Hades and Persephone.. This is how the story goes right?" By lomonte on tumblr - JeanMarco AU

Like the idea just with the original plan as Persephone as a woman. I knnooww unpopular idea ;