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Im too cheap for Elf on the Shelf; so Im buying a garden gnome. I call it the Gnome on the Roam throughout your Home!

Funny Christmas Season Ecard: I'm too cheap for Elf on the Shelf; so I'm buying a garden gnome. I call it the Gnome on the Roam throughout your Home!

I guess that's why my Italian /Irish heritage gets me in trouble!

Don't let my looks deceive you. I have the mouth of a sailor, temper of an Italian housewife, and the tolerance of an Irishman.yep this is me!

Oh yes.. way to much drama people! BE HAPPY!

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So true! When people would ask what super power I wish I had when I was little it was reading minds.

Do you buy your pants on sale? Because at my house they would be 100% off.

the lesbian couple that live a block or two over who have the landscaping that i love - one of their cars is COVERED in bumper stickers.so so funny! one of us is going to need to buy an electric car and get a bunch of bumper stickers.

So true, so true:)

Bacardio & 34 other funny fitness pics - I drink while I work out. I call it Bacardio.

I'm sorry your baby is ugly. At least you know it's yours.

Funny Baby Ecard: I'm sorry your baby is ugly. put so funny!

You can join their fight. Join Relay.Meeting tomorrow night @6PM.COM Easley Library for anyone interested in being on committee.

Free and Funny Encouragement Ecard: Pew! That's the sound of me deflecting your whiny bitchin' with my happiness shield!

This made me laugh pretty hard. Hahaha.

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Image from: Debbie Does Dallas and Marries the Man of Her Dreams: On Rom Coms & Porn by Malin James Ryan Gosling Hey Girl meme - boyfriend material

36 funniest and hilarious parenting memes (22)

36 Of Our Favorite Parenting Memes

I love being a mom. Some days are great. Although some days are far, far, far from perfect. And this cartoon describes exactly how I feel af.


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I feel this way many days.almost 7 billion people on the planet and i can only tolerate around 10 at the most