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25 Ιδέες για να μετατρέψετε τα παλιά σας Τζιν σε Τσάντες! | Φτιάξτο μόνος σου - Κατασκευές DIY - Do it yourself

Denim vacation tote: To make tote, use 4 pairs of old jeans in varying colors of denim. Cut 6 inch wide strips from legs of jeans. (The 8 legs yielded enough strips of denim to make 2 totes). Sew strips together, cut out tote bag pattern, & sew bag toget

Om je gsm bij de oplader in de buurt te houden! Gezien op fb.

Made from denim jeans pocket -- Docking Stations & Chargers - Etsy Mobile Accessories - Page 2 -------------------------------------------------------------- Easy to do if you have a sewing machine. I made a fanny pack from an old jean leg back in the

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Inspiration - Great Ideas for Upcycling Those Old Jeans It would make a cute little purse for a kid I think

Denim Flip Flop  Reclaimed Denim Blue Jeans Swarovski Crystals Recycled Rubber

7 DIY Flip Flop Tutorials for you


Recycled denim shoes - love the idea of creating a pair from some "outgrown" jeans!

Inspiring ~ I'm thinking, cover a plain or recycled waste basket for the office or boudoir.

DIY Organizer made from tin cans and blue jeans (desk organization diy ideas)

vintage jean bag- would make a cute design for an apron

vintage jean bag- would make a cute design for an apron

Repurposing old jeans for a fun bag! Would also make durable "green" reusable grocery bags.                                                                                                                                                      More

95 DIY Things You Can Make With Old Jeans

Jeans & Denim: Recycled, Upcycled and Repurposed. Purse/handbag upcycled from old jeans.