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When I first saw this I just answered each box without knowing it was mbti related and then when I landed on INTJ I was like

Mbti, Infj, Crossword, Puzzle, Crossword Puzzles, Puzzles, Riddles

Mbti, Infj, Crossword, Puzzle, Crossword Puzzles, Puzzles, Riddles

INFJ. This describes me so well....I'm only slightly bothered that it makes me sound very boring :)

My grandmother, my aunts, and I are all INFJs. Very interesting!Image detail for -INFJ - My ' Myers-Briggs' Personality Type

Ha! Some of these are so accurate - and I do have lots of videogames....

I can't marry Mr Darcy/Mr Knightley/Capt Wentworth / Col Brandon?

Personality traits explained

The 8 MBTI traits broken down. Lots of people ask me the difference between sending and intuition or judging and perceiving. I am INTP/INTJ

(C) Myers Briggs Disney Personalities - familiar examples to provide a point of reference for what your "type" can mean.

The best Myer-Briggs Disney personality chart I've seen so far. ENFP-so true. ISTJ-also very very truel

INTJ. YUP, I knew it...I have the rarest personality there is. A female who thinks like a guy. I love it! :-)

Got an INTJ in your class? They are rare unicorns. :) Here's the distribution of Myers-Briggs personality types.

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Mbti, Infj

T. rex, no surprise there!

T. rex, no surprise there!

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I am not obedient. I comply, willingly. I will never do what you say because you say so, never ever.

I am not obedient. I comply, willingly.

I played the flute in hs and college. I could listen to someone play the guitar for hours.

The Musical MBTI chart - I got the Piano which is my favorite instrument so perfecto!

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5bd0b0094bb8581c139f446939de49e6.jpg 625×625 pixels