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Ever watchful

Ever watchful Beautiful wolf. I understand why some hunters are killing wolves (to protect their livestock) but I do hope they don't kill of all of them

"Hello. My name is Gia. I'm a Female. I have a huge crush on a special someone. I'm an exceptional hunter and really stealthy. I'm fearless and strong. I have no mate."

Love For Wolves. If this wolf had blue eyes he would look like my wolf Sky!

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If you can't see the love in this creatures eyes, you've got the soul of a piece of cement. Wolf Portrait by Stefan Jaroszewski

~Pup & Mum Love~ LoL. I don't know why they're British. ~

Wolf pups need constant care and affection. Until about a month that care is provided primary the mother. When the cubs start exploring the entire pack takes responsibility to watch over them.

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Liggende wolf

Liggende wolf