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Always repinning this

Funny pictures about Swag level: Scott Disick. Oh, and cool pics about Swag level: Scott Disick. Also, Swag level: Scott Disick.

I'm a piranha!

my friends. then that's me right there.<<< this is literal for me. I have friends who do these things and I'm getting braces in two weeks. Everyone should be prepared for me to run around saying this all the time. "I'm a piranha"!

The Truth About Rebecca Black's Friday Song

the song Friday is really about the assassination of JFK. who cares about things like 'facts' and 'being correct' and 'history'. pretty sure this song is the new 'true'. I like this song a little better now!

Ok, GO

Before you play ‘let’s be serious’…lmfao every time

Remember that the main point these posts are making is about gender inequality and male dominance.  These men do not actually mean these things, they are trying to convey the sexist mindset that does exist in our society.

Funny pictures about My girlfriend is not allowed to. Oh, and cool pics about My girlfriend is not allowed to. Also, My girlfriend is not allowed to.

this makes me laugh probably a little too much! but i've used like, at least half of these! lol

When bro isn't enough

For anytime bro just doesn't cut it. I want to call y brother Han brolo now.

The Little Rascals (Then & Now) I still think some of them were cuter back then! :) hahaha

Little Rascals all grown up. More importantly, how did Spanky end up working at WalMart? Love this movie