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When you evaporate and condense water, the condensed water is 100% pure water. This means the purified water is completely safe to drink, as nasty chemicals and bugs do not evaporate with the water. The WaterCone is a very simple gadget that purifies water by the process of evaporation.

Use glass wine bottles with inner bottom cut out for smaller version of the same design. When you evaporate and condense water it becomes pure and is completely safe to drink. Nasty chemicals and bugs do not evaporate with the water.

obtendo água

Clean Water for Every Day CCRES PROJECTS - The Watercone is a solar powered water desalinator that takes salt or brackish water and generates fresh water.

Titanium Escape Ring

Titanium Saw Ring. It's a simple but elegant-looking ring made of titanium. But unlike all other rings, this one contains a saw and handcuff shim pick combination tool which is completely hidden from view when worn.

How to Filter and Purify Water for Survival

How to Filter and Purify Water for Survival

How to Build an Early Smelting Furnace

How To History Video Tutorials in the Historic Arts: A website for how to do all kinds of medieval things!

Tão secretos que nem o Sherlock Holmes os descobriria!!

20 Secret Hiding Places: The Family Handyman. Very nice. I assume this is a false tube probably in the basement.

Hi-Tec Para Rubber WP Boot Slate/Black/Army Brix Workwear

Hi-Tec Para Mud Snow Boot is a heavy duty warm neoprene insulated heavy duty boot with all the waterproof protection of a wellington, but with the added benefit of a proper walking boot fit and a genuine heavy mud and snow walking Vibram sole.

Nos dias de hoje é sempre bom ter um alarme em casa. Neste artigo vamos ensinar a construir um alarme caseiro. Este alarme funciona através do curto circuito quando a corda é puxada. Uma vez que o circuito é fechado ele põe fogo a uma substância inflamável, se não tem nada disso, pode simplesmente ligar um LED, ou talvez até mesmo ligar um circuito de campainha.

Como fazer um alarme caseiro com materiais que todos temos em casa

This is how exactly to make a strike-ball trip wire alarm by using just a clothespin and electric match. As it's known by most of you, a trip wire is a pass

É um garfo normal, mas pode deixar sua casa mais segura!

Using just a fork, he managed to make a secure and reliable makeshift lock. His creation is very useful when wanting to add security in public places that may have broken locks such as motel rooms, public restrooms and dressing rooms.

How To Disinfect Water With Household Bleach - SHTF Preparedness

How To Disinfect Water With Household Bleach

Disinfect clear water with Regular Household Bleach - 2 drops bleach per 1 liter (quart) water, wait 30 mins. Pre-filter cloudy water and double the bleach and wait time.

Fornos e Fogões de Terra Crua com Combustão Eficiente. Rocket Stove ou Fogão Foguete

Rocket stove - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia explains complete combustion as air travels through fire and therefore there is an excess amount of oxygen present for the reaction

DIY Vertical Wind Turbine

Build Your Own Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine On The Cheap - Didn't realize vertical wind turbines existed. The scale of this one and the fact that it supposedly doesn't require gale force winds to produce power makes it definitely worth looking into.


Zimmer heizen für 10 Cent am Tag

Lampe solaire

You can get these inexpensive solar garden lamps from any hardware store. glue the solar cell piece from the lamp to the inside of your jar’s lid and voila!