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Glee?!?! you ask... Yep, Glee. I dare you to watch just one... Especially from this past season. Sure the songs are cheesy. You'll find no rock'n'roll here, except the cheeziest of the classic kind, probably mashed up with a Lady Gaga or Katy Perry song (yikes! Really?) Yes, unfortunately true and YET the music IS really good, the numbers and mashups creative, the dialogue always witty and at times acerbic, the story lines engaging. Not bad for a supposed "kids show". Glee is growing up.

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pure perfection!

if they had ended it after season three i would've been satisfied

Cried when Puck sang Keep Holding On...so many memories! <3 #glee100

Cried when Puck sang Keep Holding On.

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glee wallpapers for mac desktop, 374 kB - Clarence Edwards

Dreamy Glee boys

Which Glee Boyfriend is Perfect for you? (original Glee boys) I got Blaine!

All Or Nothing (Canción) - Wiki Glee

All Or Nothing (canción)

Every Glee-Tail: To Brittany, With Love - And, that’s a wrap for Heather Morris. Yeah, we sure as hell didn’t know it going into the episode, but last night’s season finale of Glee meant curtains for at least on


First Listen: Glee Season Episode Beatles’ "Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band"