What do you see, think, wonder?

Emergent Curriculum, Reggio, and Inquiry: Coming to Terms with Terms

It's About Inquiry - this site an excellent series of short videos about play-based learning in kdg.

It's About Inquiry: Kindergarten Matters video series about play based learning, LNS (Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat, Government of Ontario) Webcast

Self-Directed Learning Links   Check out www.StevensFamilyHomeschool.com as well!

Instead of crafts, children need to become fluent at expressing their own ideas. They will acquire real skills and abilities.

Arenal amb estructura de tubs de cartró de diferents longituds. CARDBOARD TUBES EMBEDDED IN A CARDBOARD TUBE - Instructions to make this apparatus ≈≈

Sensory Water/Sand Play ideas - fine motor and bilateral skills - cardboard tubes

THIS WEBSITE IS AMAZING!!! There are so many different sections to look through about various project ideas and how they worked in other classrooms.

Field trip to a community garden/gardening store in Phase 2 of a project on gardening/plants.