Inspiration to Camper Van Conversion: Beginner Guide

Camper Van Conversion for Beginner

Now as you get started considering your camper van conversion, watch the next video for inspiring ideas. Mazda Bongo conversion leads to a true dual purpose vehicle as opposed to a typical MPV with…

Hier die verschiedenen Ausziehmöglichkeiten. Rechts unten sieht man noch ein später angebrachtes Brett, dass die Lücke zwischen Bett und Heckklappe schließt und als Ablage dient

RAUMKUNSTBUS #2 - Der Ausbau

For the division of the seat upholstery, this meant a large undivided mattress for the permanent seating area and a useful partition of the cushions for the extendable area.

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In April 2015, I bought a 2001 Chevy Express Van with a high top roof for $2,800 and spent the following two months turning it into a manly-man cabin on wheels. It was complete with running water, …

Today I randomly felt like finishing the cab side of the dividing wall.