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Vintage Gulf Lite Charcoal Starter Lighter Fluid Can 1 Pint


Mary Janes (1.5 lb. Bag)

Who could forget pressing their nose against the glass of the candy counter in anticipation of this chewy peanut butter and molasses taffy-like candy.

Nabisco National Biscuit Co Brown Edge Wafers Cookie Box! -- anyone else remember these?!

Image 1 Vintage Nabisco National Biscuit Co Brown Edge Wafers Cookie Box!

Television Tubes

Tubes for radio and TV. I remember going with my dad to the drugstore where he would test tubes from our TV on the tube testing machine.

GLASS WAX was wildly popular in the 1950's. It was one of the best products for cleaning window and left no streaks. According to the ad, it was...  #glasswax

Vintage Christmas Stencils - you dipped the sponge in "Glass Wax" window cleaner and dabbed it on the glass. After the holiday you just wet the windows and polished it off. See how EXCITED she is!


Pin Curl Clips-remember many of nights asking my mom to put my hair in "pin curls".

sentence diagramming

I remember diagramming sentences till we were blue in the face. My kids never had to do it when they were in school. Did it in grade school and in high school English and composition also. I hated it and thought it a complete waste of time then and now.

Corningware Cornflower Casseroles and Teapot.

Corningware Cornflower casseroles and teapot. My sister-in-law still loves this corningware!

Lincoln Logs - I mean what would a cabin be without a display of the toy that had me building cabins in the first place!

The Original Lincoln Logs - Set They stored in a metal and cardboard canister. My older played with these in the mid to later His can of logs looked exactly like this!

This is how they measured the fabric you were buying.

Vintage Measuregraph - fabric stores would use these to measure fabric.remember going with grandma to the fabric store

This Is What Prices Looked Like In The Massive Inflation Brought To By The Federal Reserve Banking System Thank You Federal Reserve For Making Us Poorer

My father’s favorite ... Licorice

My father’s favorite ... Licorice

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear. I remember practicing this as a young child, and ir was a soap in the shape of a bear, that got fuzzy when you got it wet, and had a prize inside.