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I have come to realize there is nothing lovely about having to continuously convince someone to love you

When a door closes knock on it a few times. But if it still doesn't open let it stay closed. In career, love and life. Know when something is over and move on.

Yep - done. -& just one more thing to do - rip a pedophiles eye balls out so he can't see any more pretty girls to molest - then u can have me "she whispered that to the devil" then she asked "Do u think I'll feel after that. when it's too late for me"?


I spent so much time trying to forget you. In years I understood that I will never forget you but that doesn't mean I have to be in love with you. When I finally understood that, I moved on. :) wise words of another pinner


I don't want to be called perfect, or beautiful, or special. That would be too easy. I want to know that I have spent time thinking of me, wondering about me, and imagining me.

I want to see you too. I had a dream last night. To put it simply, there was a long moment where neither of us said anything, but we just mourned for all that had happened. We knew we're couldn't go back. But we stood there and saw each other, and grieved the loss of a beautiful friendship. I think it helped me have closure.

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Loving the Wrong Person: Daily Afflictions: The Agony of Being Connected to Everything in the Universe - Andrew Boyd

Loving the Wrong Person: Daily Afflictions: The Agony of Being Connected to Everything in the Universe - Andrew Boyd Let your scars fall in love

I wanna write a character like this....

i think i fall in love with people a little too much just in the way they sound at or how they look when they smile. And it's so addicting, when their eyes light up because you've remembered something they may have said.

... Stop thinking about what if... Start thinking about what will...

I spent a lot of time searching for affection in shallow spaces . then I met you.


One day you'll realise that there is only one person who can make your life better, only one person who can make you feel like the whole world is not against and there's only person who can make you say ''the cup is half full'' . and that person is YOU.

utterly intoxicating

It was easy to tell that they were drunk but not of alcohol but off of each other the way they laughed the way they sneaked glances yet from far away you could tell they were utterly intoxicated with each other

I feel like these loves are the same thing, or they at least always come hand in hand

When it all comes crashing down, so do you ~ Heartbroken ~ Heartache ~ Heartbreak ~ Loss ~ Breakup

Stretch, breath, and miss you

Ernest Hemingway makes me love poetry so much. I still miss you Uncle Shane.