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O.O YES. ON SO MANY LEVELS, YES. YES YES YES YES CAN THIS HAPPEN??? MODERN MERLIN. With Arthur trying to figure out technology and Sherlock and John popping up and helping him and Merlin put London back in order.

Superwholockin (shoutout to the Merlin fandom for stabbing me in the heart again)

Freaking other pins have freaking already given up that freaking Arthur freaking dies and I swear I'm going to freaking cry a freaking river in my freaking liver room.

*sigh*<< Not even done with the first season and already dreading the post-Merlin depression

Merlin by whimsycatcher.

A quick sketch I did of Merlin after finding out the show would be ending at season 5 - to share the fandom's feelings! T_T Also, Merlin does seem to do.

Gwaine would be the best one there...Merlin and Arthur would argue who is leading (Arthur would win bc Merlin would let him) and which foot goes first and all that the whole time...the other knights would just kind of shuffle awkwardly and spin here and there not sure what's happening

Gwaine would be the best one there.Merlin and Arthur would argue who is…

Presenting Bradley James the newest pretty boy in my collection of my obsession of male celebrities

Men’s Casual Fashion Style: 100 Looks to Try

Bikes, Motorcycles, Hot Bad Boys, Ink, What else does hearing the sound of a Bike coming down the road bring to uour mind?

Katie McGrath

She is so sweet and adorable that I cannot fathom how anyone could possibly hate her. --Description and edit by DestinyandDoom"

If only it were so easy - to escape ones destiny | Thats it • Sums up the entire show

If only it were so easy - to escape ones destiny