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bad id black hair cherry blossoms detached sleeves highres horns japanese clothes kiira kimono kohinomoto ninja obi oni original petals red eyes sandals sash short hair short kimono simple background solo sword thighhighs twintails weapon yukata zour

Birthday Chibi Raffle Winners by Moorina

线稿练习——动态人体资料 | 火神网旗下...@suancai123采集到原画(141图)_花瓣插画/漫画

please ignore the suggestive female poses>> Dude they aren't suggestive it's normal they are fighting poses get your mind out of the gutter .

Kawaii minut♡

chibi commission for aumbrieones! thank you for commissioning me! i'll try to dish out another chibi tomorrow before work if i can ^ 0 ^ done in sai / ps please do not use / repost my art unless .