Mannequin striking weird and dangerous poses in public  Weird Mannequins in Public - 07

Surreal Street Installations by Mark Jenkins. American Street artist Mark Jenkins uses realistic mannequins to create these strange and surreal street inst


Creativity of contemporary artist Mark Jenkins frightened many cities of the world. Mark Jenkins is famous for its street art objects that represent a human sculpture made of adhesive tape and poly…

Blake Andrews In Public Street Photography

For this interview I am pleased to present Blake Andrews, one of the most talented street photographers out there and a member of In-Public. Not only is Blake an incredibly talented street photogra…

love at first sight. mannequins have emotions too! Mark Jenkins

Mark Jenkins

FASHION LOVE American artist Mark Jenkins began in 2003 his “Embed Series”. His street installations, in different cities, show sculptures in strange situations. Here, in Rome.

'Betty' ~ a mannequin that is covered in thousands of found objects, such as   watch parts, vintage crackerjack prizes, vintage and antique jewelry,  campaign buttons,  coins, screws, bolts, bones, old bottle caps, and miniature doll parts.

Our bargain bin of distressed mannequins makes a nice canvas for art projects…

Street artist Mark Jenkins creates hilarious wonderful packing tape sculptures of people in bizarre situations and behaviours, and installs them in cities around the world. His humour is brilliant, as well as his talent as a modern artist of installations.

Mark Jenkins: the Urban Prankster

The Urban Prankster, Piotrkowska Street, Lodz - by “Mark Jenkins” USA


Creepy Mannequin Pranks By Devilish Artist Freak Out Children & Adults In His Guerilla Campaign Some inanimate objects in this world come with an easily weaponized creepiness all their own. Want irrefutable proof? Blindfold a herd of “Doctor Wh.

Witty installation art, similar to Banksy but done with dummies.

WTF of the week goes to…

Weblyest - Mark Jenkins street art is sure to turn some heads Photos)

Tree People (2)

"Tree People" by Marko Prelic - What an ART