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beautiful perfect words inspiration creative lovely peace definitions e english personal favorites Divine origin: greek otherwordly other-wordly adjective elysian finally an adjective elysian fields

✯ preciosa inspiración divina Cascadas Amor

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The Whirlpool Galaxy is a classic spiral galaxy. At only 30 million light years distant and fully 60 thousand light years across, M51, also known as NGC 5194, is one of the brightest and most picturesque galaxies on the sky.

The Whirlpool Galaxy in Dust and Stars Image Credit: N. Scoville (Caltech), T. Rector (U. Alaska, NOAO) et al., Hubble Heritage Team, NASA Explanation: The Whirlpool Galaxy is a classic spiral.

elysian - a greek word meaning beautiful or creative; divinely inspired; peaceful and perfect. print available on etsy.

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Oracle Card Career Transition | Doreen Virtue | official Angel Therapy Web site

Inspirational Message, Archangel Chamuel, Career Transition, "Your life purpose is triggering a blessed career change.

2 Corinthians 7 The Voice The most important partnership in life is marriage. There are other kinds of union, but the union of husband and wife transcends any other. God created sexual intimacy as a unique gift to marriage. Its purpose goes beyond pleasure and procreation. As a man and a woman join their bodies together, the Spirit does a unique work of binding these two individuals as one person...

Great app on my iPad - especially the side-by-side feature with the expanded bible version.