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Bildergebnis für Daeng Soetigna's 108th Birthday - Google Doodle

Bildergebnis für Daeng Soetigna's 108th Birthday - Google Doodle

Fashion Sketch| Lady Latte by RongrongIllustration on Etsy. More fashion Illustrations on her site www.rongrongdevoe.com

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Father's Day Google Doodles Over the Years

Father’s Day 2015 [День отца – /This doodle was shown: /Countries, in which doodle was shown: Austria

See Eleanor Davis' Rejected Sketches for Her Adorable Seasonal Google Doodle GIFs

illustrativo: Eleanor Davis [gif] (for the previous post) - in case you wondered.

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Happy New Year 2015 everyone! Today some of the search engines have special logos celebrating the first day of New Years Day.

63. July 14 | www.dribblingman.com

Every World Cup Google Doodle From 2014

Italian electrical pioneer's scientific legacy inspires #Google artist Mark Holmes to create his second-ever Doodle: a live-wire #animation appearing today.

ALESSANDRO VOLTA: Father of the electrical battery sparks inspiration for Team Google Doodle’s new artist

Alessandro Volta’s birthday. Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta was an Italian physicist known for the invention of the battery in the

Awesome logos from Google, Yahoo, Bing & others on Mother's Day.  Happy Mother's Day all!

Happy Mother's Day From The Search Industry