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Companion planting

32 companion planting tips. In case you're wondering what to plant in your garden next year, here is a cool chart with lots of companion planting tips! Too bad raspberries aren't on here, but they did really well this year with my tomatoes and cucumbers.

Use Old Coffee Grinds in your garden. Tomatoes love it!! They add nitrogen to the soil, boost foliage growth and deter pests. If you don't drink much coffee, Starbucks gives away coffee grounds in their Grounds for Gardens programs.

How to Reuse Coffee Grounds in the Garden

Mix used coffee grounds with crushed dry egg shells and tomato plant blossoms won't rot. We use to own a restaurant, and saved coffee grounds and egg shells for my Father.

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Companion Planting What Not To Plant Together | The WHOot

Companion Planting Chart Lots Of Great Info Video Tutorial

Companion Planting Guide 1 - Click to Enlarge

Which Garden Plants Grow Well Together? Check Out This Companion Planting Chart! also has square foot gardening planting guide

Companion planting...the way the native americans planted

3 Sisters Gardening (corn, pole beans, and squash). A pot of beans, fried squash, and some crisp corn. Makes for a nice meatless supper.

27 Medicinal Plants Worth Your Garden Space Continue reading » http://www.livinggreenandfrugally.com/27-medicinal-plants-worth-garden-space/

27 Medicinal Plants Worth Your Garden Space Aloe Vera Marsh Mallow Great Burdock Pot Marigold Gotu Kola Camomile Globe Artichoke Chinese Yam Echinacea Siberian Ginseng Great Yellow Gentian Sea Buckthorn Tea Tree Lemon Balm Peppermint Evening Primrose Gins

INFOGRAPHIC: Why, How, What to Compost via AvantGardenDecor.com

Composting is good for you and the earth. Learn why you should compost, how to compost, and what to compost with this useful infographic.

A Quick Seed-Saving Guide for Beginners tells you how to gather, treat, and save the most common garden seeds.

How to Save Vegetable Seeds: Seed-Saving Guide

Saving Vegetables Seeds: Tomatoes, Peppers, Peas and Beans Saving Vegetables Seeds: Tomatoes, Peppers, Peas and Beans Saving seed from one year to plant the next is an age-old tradition.

seedling cup

Plantable seedling pots made from newspaper. This is so easy. A wide range of ages can do this gardening craft. These seed cups would make a great gift for gardening grandparents.


The Bountiful Year: A Guide to Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables. Nothing tastes better than eating fruits or vegetables at the peak of their season. But how can you keep track of what’s in season when? This infographic breakdown created with Visual News s