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Knock Over the Creeper: I bought some green floral styrofoam from the dollar store and made a creeper from it. Then using a simple plastic bow and arrow with a suction cup (bought from the party store), each kid took turns trying to knock over the creeper. I had them keep track of how many block they knocked over (it was made of four blocks) and the one who knocked over the most blocks was the winner, with everyone else in order behind him.

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We love to play Minecraft as a family and so it should come as no surprise that my son choose a Minecraft theme for his big birthday party! I got a lot of tips on how to pull this off from fri.

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Food at a Minecraft Party The diamonds and emeralds are crush rock candy and the red stone is a mix of hot tamales and red hots.

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I'm a bit behind posting our latest parties, but here I am sharing this awesome birthday styled by my friend Mare Romo for her little boy Ca.

Minecraft Cow and Pig Party Guests: made from a few different sized boxes glued together and painted. I printed the faces to make it easier. The pig was originally going to be a piñata but the park didn't allow it. Instead they were used as decoration. I also brought bow and arrow toys so the kids could hunt for their food ( burgers and hot dogs). These turned out great!

Minecraft Cow and Pig Party Guests: made from a few different sized boxes glued…