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this makes remember the many years my sister spent embroidering..... she was a Holly Hobby fan!!

I had a blue Holly Hobbie doll and cushion; my sister had a red Holly Hobbie doll cushion.

On this board because much of this was still true...and those of us born in 1975 were still kids in the 90s. :)

Kids these days will probably never understand how we did it during our generation. But we did, and it was cool.

If U grew up in the 70's & 80's, (and your a girl) you know you had one of these juicy thick oily lip glosses~

I kicked it off my lips. Always had my set of lip gloss in my purse lol.

Hanna Barbera 70's & 80's cartoons - How many can you name?  I'm struggling!!  LOL Can't forget Jabber Jaw and Magilla Gorilla!!

Plastic charms of the Hanna Barbera cartoon characters Fisher Price vintage A-frame doll house Back to the Future Timeline Saturday Mor.

I called them "Pebblers" for some reason :) I had all sizes & colors. My favorite were the  lime green BIG glow in the dark ones.

Twin Bead Ponytail Holders - wore these in my long hair through third grade

Friendship pins. We used to make these in Girl Scouts.

1980s fads

Used to do this all the time: Friendship pins on your tennis shoe laces.

do you remember 60's | Do you remember the 60's,70's & 80's

World Book Encyclopedia Britannica These were our "Internet" - we had this exact set!

'Whatever Happened to Pudding Pops?'- slideshow - slide - 7 - NBCNews.com

'Whatever Happened to Pudding Pops?'

Love's Baby Soft, was there any girl in the that didn't smell like this stuff. And Musk Oil in the bottle from Woolworths.

80's and 90s nostalgia  http://elitestrategies.tumblr.com

Hopscotch, played outside in the fresh air, with merely a piece of chalk and the ability to jump.