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Snow owl

The Snowy Owl is like most owls associated with wisdom and omens. It is said that owls help souls find their way from the physical to spiritual realms. Snowy Owls help clarify dreams and remind us to save our strength so we can have it when needed.

The owl's foot is referred to as zygodactyl, which means that tow of the toes face forward while two face backward. This arrangement enables the owls to capture and grasp prey with greater ease. Sometimes, the third toe can be rotated forward into a position occasionally used for perching.

talented photographer captured these three Snowy Owls sitting together! One of the most amazing photo's I've

Ural Owl (Strix Uralensis).  Follow this board for MORE Beautiful Owl Photos!!!

Ural Owl - Europe and Asia, from Sakhalin, Japan and Korea in the east to Scandinavia in the west

Beauty in a Broken World

A bird of open grasslands, the Short-eared Owl(Asio flammeus) is one of the most widely distributed owls in the world.