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We all have that one friend right? TAG that loca that has your back repost

There can only be One

The Walking Dead funny memes<<She knows the rules--THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE. No one can replace our sword-wielding action-girl!

you know you're mexican when...

You know you're latino when. According to my late grandfather, a Christmas baby born in name was Jesus Salvador Natividad, his 8 brothers and sisters had these names. Even a brother named Jose Maria, yes, a brother. << LOL for real tho

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I honestly don't care tho like if I offended u o well it's just my opinion

Got whooped AND "grounded" ,known by us as bein put on punishment

time out was time out from getting that ass beat. No strength stronger than an angry black mother lol

Teenager posts #Tumblr

Why is it so easy to memorize song lyrics and so hard to remember all the stuff you need to know for a test?--> I just had an exam today and was thinking the exact same thing (after I finished writing and had nothing to do).

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