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I had both Raggedy Ann and Andy.  Remember the outlined red heart under their shirts.

I had a raggedy ann when I was very young. Then she was replaced as well as an andy as an adult!

PSD Detail | 80's BOOMBOX | Official PSDs ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring fillers, music, electronics, accessories and other

Was so happy when I got my first radio tape recorder like this because it meant I could tape music from the radio without worrying about back ground noise.

Clackers.  Two large, heavy glass (or plastic) marbles on the end of a string.  Who's brilliant idea was this?!

the clacker balls. YES, I had a purple pair. I'm pretty sure they got wrapped around a tree.

I had the barn up front...and I remember many of the others....

had the fisher price barn, the jack in the box and the pull toy dog

Don't you just love 'retro' toys??

Don't you just love 'retro' toys?

I loved my cheerful tearful baby doll. She used to have such cute hair... before I washed it. And bleached it.

Mattel Cheerful Tearful doll, 7 or tall, vinyl with rooted hair, changes faces happy or sad

My favorite doll from 1969!

Vintage TIPPY TOES Doll Made by Mattel, Tippee Toes rides her bike, her pony or her walker by moving her legs - she is a battery operated. When she was turned on, her legs and her head move back and forth."Loved her!

I purchased this game when I was 22. No Joke. Such a Classic :)

version of the "Mystery Date Game." I remember loving to play this game. I liked the guy holding out the flowers.

Remember these?

we use to collect them and make outfits!

Monchichi Monchichi oh so soft and cuddley...yes you will be singing this song all day...just paying it forward...

Monchichi Monchichi oh so soft and cuddley.yes you will be singing this song all day.just paying it forward.