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Fish Bath Plug

Fishy Bath Plugs - The Stuck Goldfish Bath Plug is a cute way to add some fun to your bathing. The plug reminds me of Winnie the Pooh, when he got his backside stuck .

White Polar Bear Bath Plug // I love this design! #product_design #emotional_design #bath

A white polar bear bath plug ! I will take one for every bath tub that I own pretty pretty please !

sink plug So great to not have to stick your hand all the way in the gross water!

Cool Kitchen Gadgets - sink plug So great to not have to stick your hand all the way in the gross water!

Hippo floating plug!!!! Coolest idea ever!!! Bathe with a hippo!

There's a hippo in my bathtub!Joe the Hippo Bath Plug.I don't think I'd want a hippo staring at my while I bathed.

Bath stones that keep bath water warm! I need this! they are called "Warm On" bath stones. as of January 2013, they are just in "concept" phase. hopefully they will sell them soon!

Perfectly Warmed Bath: the pebbles are sensor-fitted heat-radiating artificial stones that maintain the water temperature for a set duration. So from start to finish you can have the same water temperature.


The polar bear drain stopper is a creative drain plug that is a polar bear on an ice floe that floats on top of the water in your bathtub, and is an ironic way of letting the world know you care about.

SteriPod, Toothbrush Sanitizer, Hygienic Toothbrush Cover | Solutions

Keep your toothbrush germ-free for 3 months -- This little cap is infused with thymol, a naturally occurring germ-killing compound. No plug-ins, batteries or chargers. Just clip it over your toothbrush and it goes to work. Great for travel!

A fish bowl as wall art! #pets #creative #decor

Brighten a blank wall with this unique hanging fish bowl! cute for a kids room or play room!

Safe, practical and elegant

Node Electric Outlet eliminates the need for a power strip. Just plug it in anywhere on the square! Sweet except that there's no place for a 3 prong plug, all the power strips have them.

Dear Santa...  Umbra Fish Hotel Aquarium

Umbra Fish Hotel Aquarium - White

Umbra Glass Fish Bowl Tank Hotel Pet Supplies Aquarium Fishhotel Water Stackable Designed by Teddy Luong, this is a glass fishbowl with ABS plastic outer shell. Fishbowls can be stacked to create a hotel effect. Inner bowl is removable for cleaning.

This. Is. Fantastic! And I love that it even comes in rainbow!

Rotating 360 Sockets

These bottles keep water cold for up to 24 hours, hot for 12, great for a day when your hands are too full to bring a cooler on board!

Swell Water Bottles- Swell waterbottles - keeps water cold for up to 24 hours AND fits in car cupholders (absolutely great for keeping hydrated in the warm summer months)

iShower Portable Waterproof Wireless Speaker.

iShower Portable Waterproof Wireless Speaker - WANT THIS! I miss my shower radio sooo bad!

Wtf even is this and how do I get one

Cool tub

Tilting Tub: Three different tilts: foot bath, half bath, and full bath to help conserve water. I want this for the foot bath!

Brilliant calendar idea! The ink takes 24hours to fill each number.

Ink Calendar designed by Oscar Diaz .The ink will slowly colour each day of the month as time passes by.